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What do elephants and taxes have in common?

Nothing, on the face of it. But when you get to know us, you will quickly discover the similarities. Or, if you like, just keep reading…


Elephants are strong and willing workers!


Elephants are herd animals!


Elephants are good-natured but when in danger defend themselves and are prepared to attack!

High Performance: For over 30 years we have offered successful, high- performing solutions for taxation and corporate matters. One of our strengths is our expertise in German-Asian commerce. Since 1990 we have provided solutions for Asian companies wishing to set up in Germany. In fact, we were one of the first tax consultancies to offer this service.

Team spirit: Our team of over 15 colleagues is at your service in 2 locations in Northern Germany: Hamburg and Neukloster near Wismar.

Commitment: Both of our offices are committed to offering you the support and trust that allow you to plan for success. Like a herd of elephants we never leave you to fend for yourself! We are at your side during tax audits and tax court proceedings. We accompany you to authorities, banks and insurances, as well as helping you establish and expand your company.